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New Xiaomi Mijia Smart Rice Cooker Mini 2 1.5L Electric Cooking Pot Utensils Multicooker

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 2023 New Xiaomi Mijia Smart Rice Cooker Mini 2 Electric Cooking Pot Utensils Multicooker 1.5L for Kitchen Devices Home Appliances

~UK Plug~


28mins fast rice cooking|Exquisite capacity|LED digital display|Smart cooking
Small size|Non-stick inner pot|24h reservation|Heat preservation

Fast Cooking Mode :28 minutes to make rice

Touch glass panel for easier cleaning

There are 5 modes to choose:
Fast Cooking, Fine Cooking, Porridge Cooking, Heat Preservation, Cooking Method you chosed in MiHome APP

Double temperature sensors

One button to open the top cover
Removable inner cover
Removable bubble breaker

Package Includes :
1 x Rice Cooker
1 x Inner Pot
1 x Measuring Cup
1 x Rice Spoon
1 x Power Cord
1 x Manual

1. This is Chinese version and we will provide an adapter according to your choice.
2. Because of the quality checking and we will put the plug adapter inside the package, the package will be opened, but it is brand new.
3. The rated voltage of the cooker is 220V. Please check the voltage in your city before placing an order. Thanks!
XIAOMI Mijia Smart Rice Cooker Mini 2 (1.5L)
Specification :
Brand: Mijia
Product model: MFB05M
Time to Market: May 2022
Capacity: 1.5L
Heat: Electric Heating Plate
Shape: Square
Color: White
Function: Rice Cooking & Porridge Cooking & Soup Stewing & Fast Cooking & Fine Cooking & Heat Preservation and so on
Heating method: Electric Plate Heating
Supports appointment Timing: Yes
Controlling mode: Digital Timer Control
Energy Label: Grade 3
Liner material: Alloy
Rated power: 350W
Rated voltage/frequency: 220V~ 50Hz
Product size: 196 × 221 × 181mm
Product weight: 2.1kg
Package Includes :
1 x Rice Cooker
1 x Inner Pot
1 x Measuring Cup
1 x Rice Spoon
1 x Power Cord
1 x Manual (If you need a EN manual, please contact us to get it.)
1 x Plug Adapter(according to your choice)
- Water droplets on the bottom of the inner pot do not affect the normal use of the rice cooker, but it's better to wipe them before using.
- The inner pot can be cleaned and sanitized using a dishwasher.
- One cup of rice can make about 2 bowls of rice (according to the diameter of the bowl).
- Do not place the product in the unbalanced, moist places or close to a source of fire or heat.
- Please do not use steel wire ball and other hard items to clean or scrub the inner pot.
- Do not over pinch or bend the power cord.
- Please do not use wet hands to insert or pull out the power plug.
- Please keep it away from walls and furniture when using electric rice cooker.
- Do not place the inner pot on any other heat source.
- Do not touch the inner pot directly with your hands during using or just after using.
- If it is kept warm for more than 24 hours, the rice will smell bad.
- When in use, please do not let anything cover the cover.
1. How to download MiHome APP?
Rice cooker will go with a Chinese manual. But don't worry, there is a QR code of MiHome APP in manual. Please scan this QR code and download MiHome APP for use.
2.How to connect the WiFi?
After you download MiHome APP, please change the region to China mainland. And then search the '' 米家智能小饭煲2'' and click the '' 米家智能小饭煲2'' to connect WiFi.
Please press the left and right buttons at the same time, then the rice cooker will connect 2.4GHz WiFi after 5 seconds. (If necessary, please contact us to get the details.)
XIAOMI Mijia Smart Rice Cooker Mini 2 (1.5L)
28mins fast rice cooking|Smaller size|Many recipes in APP|Delicate and simple design

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