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NEW Xiaomi Mijia Massage Gun Pro 12 Gears Electric Neck Massager Fascia Gun

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NEW Xiaomi Mijia Massage Gun Pro 12 Gears Electric Neck Massager Fascia Gun for Body Massage Relaxation Fitness Muscle Pain Relief

Product Notes
*Strike force: The range of strike force is about 20-35kg, and the minimum strike force varies depending on the individual's actual pressure level.
*10 minute timer: To protect muscles and avoid excessive massage, the fascia gun will automatically shut down after running for 10 minutes. If you need to continue using it, please press and hold the on button to restart. The duration of each continuous use shall not exceed 30 minutes.
*Protection against excessive pressure: To protect the human body, if the pressure applied to the target area is too high when using the fascia gun, the machine will stop running.
*30 day battery life: With an ambient temperature of 25 ℃± 2 ℃ and full charge, with a load of 3kg in the first gear, the battery life is 300 minutes. Using the first gear fixed frequency mode for a daily massage of 10 minutes can last for 30 days.
*10 hours of long-term endurance: The ambient temperature is 25 ℃± 2 ℃, and the first gear no-load operation endurance is 10 hours when fully charged.
*27W fast charging: Supports a maximum of 27W fast charging, using the standard power adapter. It can be charged with the original charging cable in low battery conditions at an ambient temperature of 25 ℃± 2 ℃, and can be fully charged in about 3 hours.


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    Xiaomi Mijia Fascia Gun Pro
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