HUAWEI BE3 Pro Quad Core WiFi 7 3600Mbps 2.4GHz 5GHz Wireless Home Gaming Router

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Original Huawei BE3 Pro Wireless Router Wi-Fi 7 3600Mbps Network Signal Repeater Quad Core 2.4GHz 5GHz Gigabit WiFi Amplifier
Huawei BE3 Pro Router
Quad Core Wi-Fi7 Speed peak
100% Genuine and Brand New

Quad-core Wi-Fi 7 is incredibly fast
The new generation of Wi-Fi 7 technology, the speed of up to 3600 Mbps, full full play of the real power of gigabit fiber network, easy to download massive files, play large games, watch high-definition movies.

4K QAM modulation mode
High density data transmission, 120% speed increase
The new 4K QAM modulation mode further compresses the data density, and can transmit a larger amount of data at the same time, and the rate is increased to 120%.

Dual frequency aggregation Internet
Mobile Internet, lightning fast
Devices that support Wi-Fi 7 technology can connect to the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bands at the same time, greatly improving network speed and reducing latency. In addition, it also supports chip-level coordination of Lingxi dual Wi-Fi, which speeds up Huawei equipment intelligently.

Multi-RU & Preamble Puncturing
Network potential, depth mining
Wi-Fi 7 technology brings more refined and flexible network bandwidth control, makes full use of idle channels to transmit data, automatically skips interference blocking channels, and effectively improves transmission efficiency and stability when multi-user Internet access.
Huawei Routing BE3 Pro is equipped with four high-performance signal amplifiers to effectively improve signal strength and sensitivity, making it easier to penetrate the wall and cover a wider area.
Game acceleration
Mobile games, full speed up
Huawei's self-developed Game Turbo engine intelligently identifies popular terminal games and mobile games, and automatically opens exclusive game channels to help you open your firepower and win easily.

Internet care for children
Green Internet, small start
Through Huawei Smart Life App, you can not only manage children's online time, games, videos, social and payment activities, but also block bad websites. Prevent children from being addicted to the Internet and create a green and healthy Internet environment.
Visual intelligent diagnosis
Signal coverage at a glance
Three steps distribution network
Say goodbye to complex distribution network steps, easy three steps can quickly build a network. It also supports replacement backup, and smart devices in the whole house do not need to be reconfigured.

Financial grade network security
Anti-brute force cracking, network and camera security and other protective means, can effectively avoid network attacks and hijacking, all-weather guard the privacy of the home and network security.



  • 5G Wi-Fi Transmission Rate
    Wired Transfer Rate
  • 2.4G Wi-Fi Transmission Rate
    Wi-Fi Supported Frequency
    2.4G & 5G
  • WAN Ports
    1 x10/100/1000Mbps
    LAN Ports
  • Application
  • Standards And Protocols
    Wi-Fi 802.11g,Wi-Fi 802.11b,Wi-Fi 802.11n,Wi-Fi 802.11ac
    Max. LAN Data Rate
  • With Modem Function
  • Brand Name
    Mainland China
  • Certification
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