• Xiaomi Official Sound Pro 40W Bluetooth Speaker
  • Xiaomi Official Sound Pro 40W Bluetooth Speaker
  • Xiaomi Official Sound Pro 40W Bluetooth Speaker
  • Xiaomi Official Sound Pro 40W Bluetooth Speaker
  • Xiaomi Official Sound Pro 40W Bluetooth Speaker
  • Xiaomi Official Sound Pro 40W Bluetooth Speaker
  • Xiaomi Official Sound Pro 40W Bluetooth Speaker
  • Xiaomi Official Sound Pro 40W Bluetooth Speaker

Xiaomi Official Sound Pro 40W Bluetooth Speaker

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Xiaomi Official Sound Pro 40W Bluetooth Speaker Home AI Stereo Subwoofer Smart Sound High Power High Fidelity Audio Speaker 

Loud volume, balanced voice
The 91dB shock sound pressure is matched with a high-porosity sound-transmitting cloth, and the volume is loud while retaining rich details. 360 ° omnidirectional sound, balanced sound, no matter where placed, the whole family can listen to good sound in all directions.

Audio software professional tuning

Through the professional tuning of HARMAN AudioEFX audio software, Xiaomi acoustic engineers make Xiaomi Sound Pro present clearer and more balanced sound effects and music more pleasant.

Xiaomi Innovative Computing Audio 2.0
Xiaomi innovatively calculates and upgrades the audio, and fine-tune the sound source input to the playback output step by step, creating an excellent live-level listening feeling for Xiaomi Sound Pro.

Whole house audio solution
Xiaomi Sound Pro can be freely combined with your mobile phone, tablet, notebook * and other devices to create an ideal whole-house audio solution for you.
NFC music seamless relay
You can send songs to Xiaomi Sound Pro in the whole house through "Xiaomi Miao Play", or you can start Miao Play by tapping the speaker through the mobile phone NFC, so that the music between the mobile phone and the speaker can be transferred to each other *.

Galaxy atmosphere lamp
The fuselage is surrounded by colorful LED light beads, forming the galactic light effect. Follow the music to display the ups and downs in real time, and the changes of light and dark *, just like the Milky Way flowing in the fuselage, and the wonderful atmosphere plays for you.

Intelligent perception light effect
Intelligent perception of human body *. Through audio computing technology and visual interpretation, the response tone not only has a sense of direction, but also has a flexible light effect. The response is where you are.

New lossless music
A new lossless music section * has been added, and the music library covers pop, jazz and classical categories. The rich audio details of the high-resolution restore master tape bring you a sense of being in the scene.

*Xiaomi Sound Pro has a built-in 7-unit acoustic configuration. Compared with the built-in 3-unit acoustic configuration of Xiaomi Sound Pro, the number of acoustic configurations is doubled.
*The 91dB sound pressure and 45Hz frequency response data are all from the Xiaomi professional acoustic laboratory, and the test results may vary slightly under different test environments.
*Xiaomi Sound Pro can make audio linkage with smart devices such as Xiaomi brand mobile phones, televisions, notebooks, tablets and other smart devices that support the function of "Xiaomi Miao Broadcast" to create an interactive experience for you.
*The use of Xiaomi Miaobi function may be affected by the network status. Currently, Xiaomi Digital Series, Xiaomi MIX Series, Xiaomi Tablet 5 Series, Redmi Note Series, Redmi K Series with MIUI 13 and above are supported. The function of Xiaomi Miaobiao is compatible with third-party apps such as QQ Music and Netease Cloud Music, which may change due to changes in copyright, business or technical conditions. Please refer to the actual situation.
*NFC music seamless relay only supports Mimi mobile phones with MIUI 13 and above. The mobile phone should have NFC capability. The version of projection screen should have been upgraded to or and above. The version of Xiaomi Internet communication service should have been upgraded to 2.12.192 and above.
*Combined stereo function refers to supporting two Xiaomi Sound Pro to combine left and right channels to achieve stereo effect. The combined stereo function is mainly used to play music. When playing video, it will be affected by the device and network, and the sound and picture will be out of sync in different degrees.
*Multiple combined whole-house playback requires multiple Xiaomi Sound Pro to be combined, with a maximum of 8. The function of whole-house playback with other Xiaoai speakers is being adapted in succession. Please check the Xiaoai speaker APP for specific support models.
*AirPlay 2 inter-space play function iOS system users need to manually upgrade the Xiaomi Sound Pro system software to 1.88.11 or above through "Mijia APP" or "Xiaoai Speaker APP". After upgrading, users can experience this function.
*AirPlay 2 supports iPhone, iPad or iPod touch with iOS 11.4 or higher, and Mac with MacOS Catalina or higher. The specific supported device model is subject to the official introduction page of Apple AirPlay 2.
*AUX IN cable combination requires an additional 3.5mm 1/2 audio cable.
*The Colorful Galaxy Atmosphere Light Effect can be turned on or off in the APP settings after the initialization configuration is completed using the Xiaoai Speaker APP.
*The effect of the ambient light is affected by the shooting angle and ambient light or is different from the real use. Please refer to the actual experience.
*The "Proximity Detection" function will complete OTA before January 1, 2023. Users need to upgrade the Xiaomi Sound Pro system software to the latest version to experience this function. When users manually open "Proximity Detection" After the function, the device will detect whether there is a human body approaching through low energy ultrasound and microphone to achieve the effect of sound source sensing and light perception. The proximity detection function is fully running on your device, and the ultrasonic detection audio will not be uploaded to the cloud.
*QQ Music, NetEase Cloud Music, Himalaya, Dragonfly FM, get and other partners as well as the content provided by the partners may change due to changes in copyright, business or technical conditions, and will not be notified separately; Due to the different copyright scope of speakers and mobile phones, some content may be limited to play on the speakers; The rights and interests of green diamond members are subject to the QQ Music Green Diamond Member Agreement. For details, see the QQ Music Member Purchase page in Xiaoai Sound Box APP; Netease Cloud Music is a service provided by a third party, and the listening rights of members and non-members are subject to the introduction of Netease Cloud Music APP.
*The family voice function supports Xiaomi mobile phone, Xiaoai speaker, Redmi smart TV X series, and Xiaomi notebook. The specific model is subject to the speaker, TV, and notebook commodity details page. The system of the device and Xiaoai classmate APP need to be upgraded to the latest version, and more models are being supported in succession. In a word, the distribution network function supports access to Mijia's Bluetooth Mesh devices (except cameras, doorbells, door locks, and cat's eyes). Please refer to the actual experience of the product.
*In a word, it currently supports the simultaneous execution of two smart home control commands. It needs to be set manually in "Xiaoai Speaker APP - Wake up and Dialogue - Wake up Response Tone".
*Add a new lossless music zone. Users need to update the Xiaoai speaker APP to the latest version, and then connect the speaker to experience it.
*The lossless sound source provided by the partner will be presented at a standard higher than CD sound quality (16bit/44.1kHz). It may change due to changes in copyright, commercial or technical conditions and will not be notified separately.
*The data source is Xiaomi data statistics platform. The controlled IoT device is subject to the actual experience of the product.
*The product picture, model, data, function, performance, specification parameters, user interface and other product information are for reference only. Xiaomi may improve the above contents. Please refer to the product object and product manual for specific information. Unless otherwise specified, the data involved in this website are the internal test results of Xiaomi.

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