KF11 2.4G Off-Road RC Car 4WD 33KM/H Electric High Speed Drift Racing IPX6 Waterproof

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2022 New KF11 2.4G Off-Road RC Car 4WD 33KM/H Electric High Speed Drift Racing IPX6 Waterproof Remote Control Toys for Children

Ten features:

1.4 x 4 High Speed Remote Control Racer: This 4 wheel drive high speed racer is equipped with high quality and durable components for a fantastic driving experience. It has a speed limit of up to 33 km/h and is powered by 390 high-speed motors. It is the best choice for any level monster RC truck enthusiast.

2. Use Drone rechargeable modular lithium battery with built-in protection plate for extended running time: Compared with other high-speed remote monster trucks, this remote control car lasts longer and you can enjoy driving for more than 20 minutes at a time. It is equipped with better quality batteries than ordinary batteries, batteries can be installed at any time to use more safety

3. Proportional throttle and steering control: equipped with 2.4ghz full-size synchronous remote control system, throttle and speed can be proportional control. Very easy! Adjust the speed switch clockwise can improve the speed of driving, counterclockwise adjust the speed switch can reduce the speed of driving. Adjust the direction of the wheels by steering trim

4. Fully covered Metal Radiator: One difference from other models on the market is that this monster truck is packaged with a fully covered metal radiator to enhance motor heat dissipation and thus extend motor life

5. Metal damping oil pressure damper: all four wheels are filled with metal springs to support accidental falls and ground ups. This function is designed to extend the life of the toy car and is more cushioning than ordinary springs

6. Professional steering gear (2.2kg torque), strong power can climb terrain from all angles without fear

7. New chassis structure, full coverage is safer and more beautiful, and can avoid the motor into dust, sand, stones and other damage

8. Professional differential, the two shafts rotate at different speeds to drift and turn

9.2.4g 30A three-in-one control electric adjustment, can adjust the motor speed according to the control signal.

10. High level IPX6 waterproof, without fear of water into the remote control car damage remote control car

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