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NEW HUAWEI Router A2 WIFI Extender Quad-Core Processor Tri-Band High-Speed WIFI

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HUAWEI Router A2 WIFI Extender Quad-Core Processor Tri-Band High-Speed WIFI Internet Protection 2200M Full Gigabit Network Port

Powerful quad-core, fast and smooth

Equipped with Huawei Lingxiao quad-core 1.4GHz processor, the computing power is up to 12880DMIPS. The theoretical forwarding rate is up to 5Gbps, and the quad-core intelligent scheduling cooperative processing and 256MB large memory blessing can effectively reduce the load and improve multi-tasking performance. The connection is stable and not dropped, and multiple devices can watch videos or download data at the same time. The experience is smooth and free, and it can calmly cope with massive data.

Tri-band 2200M high-speed WiFi, full Gigabit network port

2.4GHz has strong wall penetration, wide coverage, 5GHz interference, and fast speed. Huawei router A2 provides three frequency bands: 2.4GHz, 5GHz (low frequency band), and 5GHz (high frequency band). It supports tri-band integration, and automatically connects the better frequency band for the device. It also allocates 5GHz equipment to two 5GHz frequency bands to achieve load. Equilibrium to ensure that even multiple cards are not stuck. Full Gigabit Ethernet port, easily running over 1000M fiber optic broadband.

Six independent high-power signal amplifiers + six high-sensitivity signal receivers, easy coverage for medium and large units

It is equipped with six independent high-power signal amplifiers and six high-sensitivity signal receivers, which greatly improves the signal transmission power and receiving sensitivity, and the medium-sized and large-sized units can be easily covered. Huawei Lingxiao Wi-Fi chip and LDPC weak signal error correction algorithm are strongly blessed, with better anti-interference performance, and can be easily used in complex network environments.

Multi-route mesh networking, large coverage, simpler

Support wireless networking, network cable networking, wireless networking first mixed networking. After networking, multiple routes are automatically unified into a Wi-Fi name, and faster Wi-Fi is automatically selected according to the device settings. After purchasing Huawei router A2, the old Huawei router at home can still extend coverage with A2 networking.

A touch of networking, a revolutionary new experience

Huawei router A2 supports NFC function, unlock the screen of your phone, turn on NFC, touch the top of the router, you can connect to Wi-Fi without entering a password.

Children's Internet protection, prevent addiction

With the Huawei Smart Life APP, time limit / payment (WeChat, Alipay, Huawei Wallet) / game / video / social restrictions on children's devices, reasonable planning of children's online time, effectively preventing children from being addicted to games, videos and various social apps. It can also block pornographic, violent, gambling and other harmful websites to protect children's healthy Internet access.

Elderly online protection, anti-fraud

Automatically identify and block false fraudulent websites such as fake shopping, false winnings, Trojan downloads, stealing mobile phone numbers, gambling, etc. to prevent elderly people from being fraudulent by the Internet and causing property loss

Smart device safe, anti-peeping, anti-monitoring, anti-cracking

Huawei HiLink smart home device automatically enters the smart device safe after connecting to Wi-Fi (other devices can be added manually) to protect loT devices from LAN devices, restrict abnormal connection of loT devices, prevent camera peeping, smart speaker monitoring, and smart door locks. Cracked and so on.

Change the router and forget the broadband account password

In many cases, the router will forget the broadband account and password. Huawei router A2 only needs to connect the WAN port of the old router to any network port of the new route (supporting network port busy plugging), one-click copy of the broadband account and password, and automatic dialing And online.

Huawei router clone, easy replacement with new upgrades

Open the Huawei Smart Life APP, and you can clone the router account, Wi-Fi name and password, black-and-white list, speed limit settings, and child Internet protection in one step directly to the new router. The upgrade of the router is easy and comfortable.

HUAWEI HiLink equipment without password access, modify Wi-Fi, automatic synchronization

When Huawei router and Huawei Smart Life APP set up Huawei HiLink devices to connect to the network, password-free access is more convenient; when the Wi-Fi name / password of the router is changed, the router will automatically synchronize to the already connected Huawei HiLink devices. Reconnect to the network.

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