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Baseus Bluetooth 5.0 Wireless FM Transmitter Car Charger MP3 Player Handsfree

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 Baseus Bluetooth 5.0 Wireless FM Transmitter Car Charger MP3 Player Handsfree

User Tips:

1.It is a normal phenomenon that FM product will have some noise because of the interference of the local radio signal.Find a vacant or non-interfered frequency and sync FM product and car device to that frequency for minimized static noise.

2.To achieve best audio quality,please set the volume on your phone or the device to maximum and then adjust the volume for your car stereo;you are not suggested to adjust volume of your car speaker to maximum (this will bring lot noise).

3.Suggest that USB disk RAM less than 32GB.  larger than 32GB which may cause the abnormal reading.

4.Our products support the use of 12-24V normal battery in the car/truck,we recommend that you do not use the product in car/truck that modified the battery.This may cause burned because of instantaneous high current.

5.To protect this device,we recommend to remove it from cigarette outlet after use,to avoid instant high start voltage damage the device.

​6.If you want to charge the phone and listen to the car radio at the same time, please note that your radio frequency and our device's  frequency do not get too close.

7.Within 5 seconds after power on, press the button on the top of the product for about 5 seconds to switch between Chinese and English.


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