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    Paypal Buyer Protection Policy

    Chargeback rights are not limited to specific amounts per transaction, may be filed more than 180 days after the payment, and may cover intangible items. You may pursue a Claim or Dispute with PayPal, or you may contact your credit card company or credit card issuer and pursue your chargeback rights.

    Paypal buyer protection policy: https://www.paypal.com/UK/webapps/mpp/paypal-safety-and-security


    #Paypal cover the return shipping cost up to 12 returns on eligible PayPal purchases.


    It’s easy! Whether you purchased something from the UK or anywhere in the world, we’ll cover up to 12 returns on eligible PayPal purchases*. We’ll reimburse you for up to £15 per request.

    1. Return your item

    Follow the seller’s return instructions for your purchase. Remember to keep a copy of your return shipping receipt.

    2. Submit a Refund Request

    Log in to your PayPal account, select the purchase you returned and click on “Request return shipping refund”. Submit the return shipping request form, along with proof of your return within 30 days.

    3. Receive your refund

    If your claim is approved we’ll send a refund of up to £15 to your PayPal account within 10 business days.*